This year AIDA is holding the Individual Pool World Championship (for the disciplines of STA, DNF, and DYN) in Belgrade, Serbia from 19-28 June and the Individual Depth World Championship (for the disciplines of FIM, CNF, and CWT) in Limassol, Cyprus from 11-20 September.

Each country may send up to four athletes per gender per discipline (not including “wildcard” automatic qualifiers). As such, the AFA is soliciting expressions of interest (EOI) from athletes who wish to compete at the world championships this year. Please note that submitting an EOI is not a commitment to attend, but, will allow the AFA to properly plan Australia’s presence at this year’s individual world championships, and for the AFA to pass on relevant information about registration, etc. to prospective athletes. So, even if you do not have firm plans at this stage, please submit your EOI (including which disciplines you wish to compete in) via email to the AFA as soon as possible.

The AFA would also like to offer special congratulations to two Australian athletes who have obtained wildcard entry to the world championships this year, namely, Christina Sáenz de Santamaría (FIM, CNF, and CWT), and Amber Bourke (DNF).