The AIDA Board has put together a draft of proposed changes to the rules that govern judges, competition and safety. It has been quite some time since the rules were revised and so this is a rare opportunity to improve our sport.

The AFA would like to carefully consider all of the rule changes. Therefore the committee has decided to establish a working group to appraise the rule changes. The working group is to be made up of members of the AFA. The committee is soliciting interest from members of the AFA who would like to be a part of the working group. You don’t need to have an intimate knowledge of the existing rules: just an interest in the sport and a tolerance for reading boring documents!

Below are the terms of reference for the working group. If you are interested in joining it, please email the Committee.

Working group on Judge IOP and Competition Regulation changes

A working group, chaired by the AFA Technical Officer, shall be established to make recommendations to the AFA Committee with regard to the changes to the Judge IOP and Competition Regulations proposed by the Board of AIDA International. Membership of the working group shall be open to all members of the AFA up to a maximum of five members. The working group may, where practical, pool resources with other AIDA Nationals by sharing information and ideas as well as seeking advice and clarification. Members of the working group will be expected to familiarise themselves with the rules/IOP and the proposed changes, to contribute to discussions regarding the proposed changes as well as working on aspects of the document that contains the working group’s recommendations.

The Working Group shall make its recommendations to the AFA Committee taking into account the following:
1) The effect of changes on the AFA and its members. Rule changes should not inhibit the AFA from its mission to develop the sport of freediving in Australia and ideally, should enhance the AFA’s capacity to develop the sport.
2) Changes should further the development of the sport of freediving, both within Australia and internationally: whether it be through improved safety, improved opportunities for participation, increased professionalism, improved clarity, reduced ambiguity, improved fairness or other ways that promote and improve the sport.

The working group shall offer a recommendation for each change (with the exception of trivial typographic changes). The working group shall offer a brief rationale for each recommendation. The working group should give its recommendations to the AFA Committee no later than two weeks before the AIDA Assembly vote is due. The AFA Committee is not bound to accept the recommendations of the working group.