Board of Directors

President & Federal Freediving Commissioner: Lisa Borg (SA)

Water has always been a central part of Lisa’s life. She first discovered the underwater world through scuba and has travelled extensively for diving. Following a catastrophic injury, she narrowly avoided paraplegia and has had a long road of recovery learning to reconnect with her body. A few years after her accident, she decided to try freediving during a trip to Bali. She loves the freedom and challenge the sport brings as well as the mind-body connection it requires. She began training with the SA Freedivers in 2016. Prior to her spinal injury she was a project manager and business improvement consultant specialising in change management. She is now following her passions, studying to become a personal trainer, and hopes to help others rehabilitate from injuries to regain their strength and independence.

Treasurer: William Scott (QLD)

William has been part of the Australian freediving community for 5 years, serving as coach, vice-president, and secretary of the AFA-Affiliated club the Brisbane Bullsharks. His professional experience as a business analyst covers risk management, process optimisation, and strategic planning, including in the sport sector.

Secretary: Brenton Loh (VIC)

Brenton Loh

Brenton’s underwater addiction began 15 years ago spearfishing his local Victorian waters. He undertook his first freedive course in 2010 while travelling through Thailand and would return many times to continue training, diving and developing his passion for the underwater world. Brenton is an enthusiastic member of the Melbourne Freedivers Club where he has contributed as club Secretary since 2019. He is also an SSI, AIDA and Molchanovs freediving instructor and loves sharing the profound benefits of freediving with others. Professionally, Brenton is qualified as a Chartered Accountant and has worked for over a decade in corporate tax consultancy.

Clubs Officer: Gav Phillips (QLD)

Gavin has had an affinity with the ocean from an early age. A scuba diver for 15 years, he started freediving in 2012. Since then he has furthered his education and training and is a certified freediving instructor. He has competed in both depth and pool competitions, acted as a safety diver for multiple pool competitions, and also been the head of safety, responsible for overseeing and training the safety divers, at major events such as Nationals and Pan Pacs. He is the co founder and current President of the Goldy Freediving Club on the Gold Coast. He is also an avid spearfisherman.

Competitions Officer: Jody Fisher (SA)

Jody has always had a passion for aquatic sports and began freediving in 2010. A 15-time national record holder, she is the sole Australian to hold a world title in freediving. Following a Masters from the University of Adelaide, she was a recipient of the Faculty (Science) prize, a University Medal, and PhD under multiple fellowships at Flinders University, where she is now a research associate in applied mathematics. In 2018, she was a visiting Fulbright Scholar in the laboratory of world renowned physicist Albert-László Barabási. Jody is currently collaborating with academics worldwide on an underwater sports study. She is the President of SA Freedivers and has been involved in international technical committees for freediving regulations since 2014.

PR Officer: Dayna Fisher (SA)

​Dayna has been freediving since 2016 and trains with the SA Freedivers. She has competed in SA and at Pool Nationals 2018 where she placed third overall in Aussie women. Dayna is a keen surf lifesaver and frequently acts as a medic for local and national competitions in SA and QLD, including the AFA Pool Nationals 2019. Professionally, Dayna has extensive experience in non-profit governance and works for a large national charity. As well as her casework in youth services, she is also responsible for managing her employer’s accreditation and regulatory compliance.

Sponsorship Officer: Liam Allen (QLD)

AFA State Commissioners

QUEENSLAND: Antony Judge