We are the official Australian branch of AIDA International, the world’s regulatory body for competitive freediving.

We promote and develop the sport of freediving and educate the community about safe diving practice.

Go to your local club to start training in a safe environment, and do a course with an experienced instructor (your club can help you find one!).

Firstly see if there is already a training group close by, or visit our Facebook page and ask if there are any other divers close to you.

Club how-to guides will be published soon – contact us for assistance.

You can use the decision tree on our Membership page to help you decide. If you are still unsure which category you fit into send us an email.

The AFA manages AIDA International profiles. If you are Australian you have to be an AFA member before the AIDA International profile can be approved. We regularly crosscheck against our member database to approve new applications. See our Membership page for more information.

We have experience in negotiating and facilitating access to pools. Contact us for assistance.

Visit our Events page to see when the next (Australian/NZ) competition will be held. AIDA NZ also runs pool and depth events, and you can see a global event calendar on the AIDA International website.

The AFA runs judge courses in conjunction with major events, e.g. the Pan Pacific Championships. Contact us to ask about the next judge course in Australia or the region, or visit the AIDA International Event Calendar page.

Visit our Downloads page for the relevant document. In addition, please contact us with an EOI as early as possible.

Following several serious accidents in sled disciplines, and AIDA International’s ban on NLTs in 2013, the AFA (along AIDA NZ and other AIDA Nationals) stopped ratifying sled records due to risk concerns.