AFA Affiliated clubs follow our best-practise guidelines and standards for club trainings. Clubs are covered under AFA Insurance and club members are eligible for discounted AFA membership prices.

AFA Affiliated clubs support freediving by running regular trainings, activities and events, as well as promoting good diving practises to foster a community which is highly attentive to safety. The AFA is presently undertaking a major processes review to standardise affiliated club safety procedures and guidelines. We have placed a hold on creating new affiliations until this is complete; we anticipate this will be finished in mid 2019. At this point, new clubs will be able to apply for affiliation status.

Presently, Goldy Freediving Club, Brisbane Freedivers, South Australian Freedivers, and Melbourne Freedivers are formally AFA Affiliated clubs. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of club affiliation, or you are presently trying to set up a club in your area, please visit the FAQs or Downloads pages and please do not hesitate to contact us to ask questions or request support – we are here to help!