FB cover pageIn 2014, the Australian National Pool Freediving Championships was hosted by the Brisbane Freedivers from Friday the 13th of June to Sunday the 15th of June, at the Sleeman Sports Complex (Chandler, Brisbane).  Athletes competed in all three pool disciplines: STA (Static), DYN (Dynamic), and DNF (Dynamic No Fins).

In addition to the AIDA competition grade (performances listed on international ranking), it was the first Australian competition to have a recreational grade. This division is designed to encourage participation from freedivers who may not feel ready for ranking events.



  • Friday, 13th June — Static Apnea (STA) from 6:30pm
  • Saturday, 14th June — Dynamic with Fins (DYN) in the morning,
    followed by Recreation Grade (DYN/DNF)
  • Sunday, 15th — Dynamic without Fins (DNF) in the morning

An award ceremony was held Sunday following the competition.

25m x 2m pool for DNF, 50m x 2m pool for DYN, 25m x 1m pool for STA, and a 25m x 2m pool for Recreation Grade


Competition Grade Results

Overall competition grade winners: Lewis Jones (NZL) and Emily Shaw (AUS)
Australian Pool National Champions: Beau Armstrong and Emily Shaw.








Recreation grade results





Dynamic no fins results

Dynamic no fins winners: Antony Judge and Amber Bourke
Singaporean National Record: Jonathan Chong
Iranian National Record: Pejman Siavoshi







Dynamic with fins results

Dynamic with fins winners: Antony Judge and Emily Shaw
Singaporean National Record: Jonathan Chong
Iranian National Record: Pejman Siavoshi






Static apnea results

Static apnea winners: Jonathan Chong and Amber Bourke









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