Australia has a long and rich history in freediving. Below we’ve listed all Australian:

World Champions
National Champions
National Record Holders (click here for a summary of current national records)

A summary of what is involved in each discipline can be found here.

World Champions


2011: Jody Fisher, Dynamic Apnea without fins (DNF)

National Champions


The Pool National Champion is the Australian athlete that has the highest total number of points at the National Championship across multiple disciplines of dynamic with/without fins and static.

Year & PermalinkWomenMenLocation
2022Jordan DuncanBen EckertBrisbane
2019Amber BourkeJarrod BriffaGold Coast
2018Anh TuDavin SmithSydney
2017Amber BourkeAntony JudgeBrisbane
2016Nicole KeatingWalter SteynSydney
2015Nicole KeatingLeigh WoolleyGladstone
2014Emily ShawBeau ArmstrongBrisbane
2010*Jasmine BastowBenjamin NobleCairns


The Depth National Champion is the Australian athlete that has the highest total number of points at the National Championship in the disciplines of CWT, CNF and FIM.

Year & PermalinkWomenMenLocation
2018not awardedAntony JudgeTulamben, Bali
2016Amber BourkeJack HatfieldTulamben, Bali
2015Amber BourkeMichael BatesTulamben, Bali
2010*Jasmine BastowBenjamin NobleCairns

*2010 was a combined pool and depth competition with DYN, STA and CWT.

National Record Holders

A summary of current national records can be found on our National Records page.

Below is the record history. Australian National Records are divided into eight categories for competition disciplines and two categories for sled disciplines:

Competition disciplines


01/05/2022: Jordan Duncan, 209m, Brisbane Freedivers Club Dynamic Minicomp

10/04/2022: Amber Bourke, 203m, Brisbane Bullsharks Sunflowers Minicomp

13/10/2013: Amber Bourke, 200m, Curtis Coast Freediving Challenge

28/06/2013: Amber Bourke, 196m, AIDA Individual Pool World Championships Belgrade

24/06/2013: Amber Bourke, 182m, AIDA Individual Pool World Championships Belgrade

25/11/2012: Amber Bourke, 181m, Curtis Coast Freediving Challenge

15/10/2011: Jody Fisher, 166m, 6th AIDA Individual Pool World Championships 2011

27/05/2011: Jody Fisher, 165m, MCR Czech AIDA Championship 2011

27/05/2011: Kelly-Rae Hodgetts, 129m, National Record Attempt

27/02/2011: Jody Fisher, 125m, National Record Attempt

13/02/2010: Jasmine Bastow, 120m, New Zealand International Freediving Challenge

15/08/2009: Jasmine Bastow, 116m, Neptune Trans-Tasman Competition

12/02/2006: Lisa Egan, 108m, Apnea at Altitude ’06

11/2002: Mary Anne Stacey, 50m, AIDA Pacific Cup Hawaii


01/05/2022: Benjamin Eckert, 223m, Brisbane Freedivers Club Dynamic Minicomp

13/06/2021: David Mulheron, 218m, Christmas Island Freedivers 2021 Pool Challenge

22/05/2021: Ben Eckert, 218m, Goldy Freediving Club Dynamic Comp

11/11/2012: Tanc Sade, 218m, Southern California Apnea Series II

15/08/2009: Walter Steyn, 215m, National Record Attempt

10/08/2008: Walter Steyn, 206m, Wellington Winter Champs

17/06/2006: Walter Steyn, 201m, Team Static and Speed Dynamic

19/02/2006: Walter Steyn, 187m, Apnea at Altitude – Taupo New Zealand

06/2004: Walter Steyn, 150m, Freediver Open Cyprus

11/2002: Walter Steyn, 115m, AIDA Pacific Cup Hawaii

11/2002: Antony Judge, 100m, AIDA Pacific Cup Hawaii


27/08/2022: Jordan Duncan, 200m, BFC AIDA Dynamic Duo Competition 2022

31/10/21: Jordan Duncan, 175m, Queensland State Championships 2021

31/03/2019: Amber Bourke, 169m, Australian Freediving Pool National Championships 2019


10/04/2022: Benjamin Eckert, 214m, Brisbane Bullsharks Sunflowers Minicomp

17/06/2021: David Mulheron, 211m, Christmas Island Freedivers 2021 Pool Challenge

13/12/2020: Chris Ellem, 205m, FGC Dynamic Mini Competition

14/07/2019: Ben Eckert, 178m, Bullsharks Winter Bite

23/06/2019: Chris Ellem, 174m, FGC Dynamic Mini Competition

08/09/2019: Ben Eckert, 167m, FGC Dynamic Mini Competition


31/10/2021: Amber Bourke, 166m, Queensland State Championships

27/06/2013: Amber Bourke, 164m, Individual AIDA Pool World Championships Belgrade

24/11/2012: Amber Bourke, 155m, Curtis Coast Freediving Challenge

14/10/2011: Jody Fisher, 150m, 6th AIDA Individual Pool World Championships 2011

27/02/2011: Jody Fisher, 132m, National Record Attempt

27/02/2011: Jody Fisher, 112m, National Record Attempt

16/08/2009: Jasmine Bastow, 103m, SUUNTO Trans Tasman Freediving Competition

16/08/2009: Louise Dixon, 89m, Neptune Trans-Tasman Competition

18/02/2006: Lisa Egan, 70m, Apnea at Altitude ’06


27/11/2015: Leigh Woolley, 184m, Pan Pacific Championships

26/10/2013: Tanc Sade, 177m, Culver City

09/08/2008: Walter Steyn, 175m, Wellington Winter Champs

09/08/2008: Walter Steyn, 165m, Wellington Winter Champs

11/02/2006: Walter Steyn, 154m, Apnea at Altitude ’06

29/05/2005: Nathan Watts, 87m, Kona Freedive invitational

06/2004: Walter Steyn, 82m, Freediver Open Cyprus


03/07/2022: Jordan Duncan, BFC One breath Statics Comp 2022

16/10/2011: Jody Fisher, 6:09, 6th AIDA Individual Pool World Championships 2011

06/05/2011: Jody Fisher, 5:31, National Record Attempt

25/05/2010: Alana Caskey, 5:27, National Record Attempt

27/10/2002: Sascha Dench, 5:20, AIDA Pacific Cup 2002

2002: Naomi Spicer, 3:51, Australian Team Trials


16/09/2022: Antony Judge, 8.01, AFA AIDA Australian Pool Nationals 2022

06/05/2011: Walter Steyn, 8:01, National Record Attempt

26/05/2010: Mike Wells, 7:27, National Record Attempt

02/12/2009: Antony Judge, 7:15, Sydney Freedivers Competition

24/04/2009: Antony Judge, 7:07, Harbord

15/09/2006: Walter Steyn, 7:02, US National Championships

27/05/2005: Walter Steyn, 6:40, Kona Freedive Invitational

06/2004: Walter Steyn, 6:31, Freediver Open Cyprus

11/2003: Walter Steyn, 6:10, Kona Freedive Challenge

11/2002: Antony Judge, 6:01, AIDA Pacific Cup Hawaii

2002: Matt Tough, 5:51, Australian Team Trials

1998: Ian Puckeridge, 5:22, AIDA World Championships


30/09/2013: Christina Saenz de Santamaria, 80m, National Record Attempt

20/11/2011: Christina Saenz de Santamaria, 60m, National Record Attempt

13/11/2011: Christina Saenz de Santamaria, 55m, Freedive Paradise

22/09/2011: Jody Fisher, 54m, 6th AIDA Individual Depth World Championships 2011

12/09/2011: Jody Fisher, 51m, 4th Mediterranean World Cup

20/05/2010: Alana Caskey, 50m, Freedive Dahab Mini Comp 2010

24/04/2010: Jasmine Bastow, 47m, USA Championship

25/10/2002: Sascha Dench, 46m, AIDA Pacific Cup 2002

2002: Mary Anne Stacey, 30m, Australian Team Trials


14/04/2011: Walter Steyn, 106m, Vertical Blue 2011

11/04/2011: Walter Steyn, 102m, Vertical Blue 2011

10/04/2009: Walter Steyn, 100m, Vertical Blue 2009

09/04/2009: Walter Steyn, 98m, Vertical Blue 2009

07/04/2009: Walter Steyn, 95m, Vertical Blue 2009

06/04/2009: Walter Steyn, 92m, Vertical Blue 2009

02/04/2009: Walter Steyn, 87m, Vertical Blue 2009

26/08/2006: Walter Steyn, 77m, Okinawa Freediving Invitational

28/05/2005: Walter Steyn, 73m, Kona Freediving Invitational

11/2003: Walter Steyn, 71m, Kona Freediving Challenge

11/2002: Walter Steyn, 58m, AIDA Pacific Cup Hawaii

1998: Ian Puckeridge, 44m, AIDA World Championships

1998: Pete Watman, 44m, AIDA World Championships

1998: Greg Pickering, 44m, AIDA World Championships


17/08/2022: Amber Bourke, 62m, AIDA Depth World Championships 2022


07/11/2019: David Mulheron, 86m, Egyptian National Championships 2019

17/09/2019: Daniel Hurst, 83m, Apnea Association of Singapore Depth Competition 2019

08/09/2019: Matt Anderson, 81m, Freedive Panglao Japanese Cup 2019


19/08/2017: Amber Bourke, 68m, Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition

14/11/2016: Amber Bourke, 58m, Australin Depth National Championship

29/10/2016: Amber Bourke, 53m, The Big Blue World Cup

12/09/2011: Jody Fisher, 52m, 4th Mediterranean World Cup

01/05/2011: Jody Fisher, 41m, National Record Attempt

31/03/2011: Naomi Hill, 32m, National Record Attempt

22/04/2010: Jasmine Bastow, 30m, USA Championships

07/09/2009: Alana Caskey, 23m, Triple Depth 2009

09/02/2008: Louise Dixon, 22m, Andaman Freedive Challenge


13/04/2011: Walter Steyn, 74m, Vertical Blue 2011

12/04/2011: Walter Steyn, 70m, Vertical Blue 2011

09/09/2006: Walter Steyn, 66m, US National Championships

11/2003: Walter Steyn, 52m, Kona Freedive Challenge


25/09/2013: Christina Saenz de Santamaria, 80m, National Record Attempt

20/11/2011: Christina Saenz de Santamaria, 60m, National Record Attempt

13/11/2011: Christina Saenz de Santamaria, 57m, Kona

24/09/2011: Jody Fisher, 56m, 6th AIDA Individual Depth World Championship 2011

04/09/2011: Jody Fisher, 53m, 4th Mediterranean World Cup

01/05/2011: Jody Fisher, 43m, National Record Attempt

01/04/2011: Naomi Hill, 43m, National Record Attempt

22/05/2010: Alana Caskey, 41m, Freedive Dahab Mini Comp 2010

22/04/2010: Jasmine Bastow, 40m, Triple Depth Dahab

05/09/2009: Alana Caskey, 35m, Triple Depth 2009

11/02/2009: Louise Dixon, 33m, Andaman Freedive Challenge

08/02/2008: Louise Dixon, 30m, Andaman AIDA Freediving Challenge 2008


27/08/2017: Adam Stern, 92m, AIDA Individual Depth World Championship 2017

11/11/2016: Adam Stern, 90m, Blue Element 2016

24/04/2016: Adam Stern, 88m, Vertical Blue 2016

20/08/2015: Antony Judge, 87m, Australian National Depth Championship 2015

11/06/2015: Adam Stern, 86m, Nirvana Ocean Quest

07/05/2015: Adam Stern, 85m, Vertical Blue 2015

08/06/2014: Antony Judge, 84m, Freedive Paradise

23/06/2011: Mike Wells, 83m, Dahab

18/04/2010: Walter Steyn, 82m, Vertical Blue 2010

02/08/2009: Antony Judge, 75m, Freedive Paradise

26/04/2009: Seamus Murray, 52m, Bizzy Blue Hole Dahab

10/06/2008: Benjamin Noble, 51m, Triple Depth Dahab

08/12/2007: Benjamin Noble, 50m, National Record Attempt

29/10/2007: Seamus Murray, 45m, Triple Depth Dahab

16/09/2006: Walter Steyn, 39m, USAA Nationals

Sled Disciplines

Important note: the Australian Freediving Association no longer sanctions sled discipline record attempts.


13/06/2013: Natalija Cheesman, 62m


18/04/2011: Walter Steyn, 121m

21/12/2010: Michael Cheesman, 101m

14/06/2010: Benjamin Noble, 100m

08/12/2007: Benjamin Noble, 72m


13/06/2013: Michael Cheesman, 127m

21/12/2010: Michael Cheesman, 106m

14/06/2010: Benjamin Noble, 105m

09/12/2007: Benjamin Noble, 80m