Setting National Records

Setting National Records2017-06-17T20:03:57+11:00

To set a National Record, the athlete must be

  1. A current, paid up member of the AFA;
  2. An Australian Citizen; and
  3. Must not have previously competed under another nationality (unless the athlete has officially changed their nationality
    to Australian as per AIDA International regulations).

In Competition

All valid, white card performances (without penalties) in AIDA ranking competitions that exceed a current national record automatically become the new national record.

Australian National Record Attempts

It is possible to set records outside of competition by doing a record attempt. The following requirements need to be met before doing a record attempt:

  • You must be a current financial member of the AFA
  • You must announce the record attempt to the AFA minimum of 4 weeks before the event.
  • You must pay a fee of $50 to accompany the announcement.

The AFA keep a list of current judges and will be able to help locate judges for you – at least one judge must be from an external club in order to adhere to the AIDA International Judge guidelines for Conflict of Interest. After the event is completed, the Judges must send in the Judges’ Report to the AFA. Video footage (official video) must provided upon request. Please be aware that although they are recognised nationally, successful record attempts will not appear on the AIDA International ranking list. For further information or to announce a record please contact us.