Dear AFA members,

On the 19th of March, due to the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in with COVID-19, the AFA has placed a suspension on all club training and competition activities. This was not a decision taken lightly, nor without in-depth discussion. We understand and share in the disappointment  in the need for these extreme measures, as the impacts will be felt by all clubs, divers and officials alike. 

The AFA has a duty of care to our members, and we feel that the freediving community also has a duty of care to all of those around us. A fundamental tenet of our sport is that collectively we ensure the safety of each other. Indeed, our community’s leadership and track record in safety-related matters is exemplary and something we highly value. This pandemic is an unprecedented situation and everyone needs to do their part to contribute to the wellbeing of not only themselves but also the most vulnerable. 

During the last week we have all seen frequent updates as state and federal governments take increasingly strict measures to contain the virus. It became clear time was critical. In assessing expert recommendations and government policy, we made the decision to place a temporary suspension on all training and competition events. Please be aware that as training/competition are no longer approved activities by the AFA, individuals/clubs are not currently insured to undertake them. We are presently assessing ways to ensure members aren’t financially impacted by their unused membership fees, and will communicate more shortly.

These are challenging times for everyone, in which we must continue to make the health of our members and the community our number one priority. We trust that our community will band together during this difficult time – it is after all what so many of us love about this sport. 

Please, as always let us know if you have any questions. We will be monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates accordingly. 

Kind regards, 

The AFA Board