Depth Nationals 2018

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Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia. 22-24 October, 2018.

The Australian Freediving Association is very happy to announce that the depth national championships will once again return to Tulamben, Bali. We are very pleased to once again be partnering with Apnea Bali.

There will be three days of competition (22-24 October) with the 25th of October being held in reserve in case of poor conditions. Athletes will be required to attend a pre-competition briefing on the afternoon of the 21st of October.

Competition format

The competition will be an AFA sanctioned competition, registered with AIDA International, and run under AIDA rules. There will be three competition days. Overall standings will be determined by adding points from each discipline (points will be allocated as per the AIDA rules, which is 1 point per metre of depth, less any penalties). The Australian women’s and men’s champions will be the Australian female and Australian male athletes, respectively, with the most number of points.

Athletes may choose to do any depth discipline on any day, and therefore may choose to do one discipline more than once, however, only the best result in a given discipline will count towards the athlete’s overall points tally.


Registration, fees, and withdrawal policy

The number of athletes is limited to 20. All athletes must have AFA membership.

Registration for current AFA members will open on the 16th of June till the 30th of June. You must be an AFA member as of the 15th June to be eligible to register during these two weeks. Current AFA members can also register after 30 June.

Registration for all other athletes will open on the 31st of June till 19th of October, unless all spaces are sold out prior. (Note: Australian citizens and Australian residents must be full financial members of the AFA; non-citizens/residents may pay $20 to obtain a temporary competition membership)

The competition fee is AU$450. Full payment is required to confirm your place in the competition. Withdrawal before the competition will result in forfeiture of 90% of the competition fee.

Please fill out this form to register. You will receive an email with a link for making the registration fee payment (via PayPal) when you submit the online registration form. Registration is complete when we receive your online registration form and the payment.

Competition fees include:

  • Entry to the 2018 Australian Depth National Championship,
  • Boat transport between Tulamben beach and the diving platform,
  • On-site first aid personnel,
  • AIDA fees and entry into the AIDA ranking system, and
  • A competition T-shirt (we may choose to change this to a different merchandise item without notice)

Competition fees do not include:

  • Accommodation,
  • Transport to/from Tulamben,
  • Medical and evacuation insurance or expenses,
  • Meals,
  • Pre-competition training, and
  • Drinks at the closing ceremony on 24 October (or 25 October, if there are delays due to conditions).

The competition is open to athletes who are 18 years and older. Athletes who are 16 or 17 years old may compete with parental consent (please contact the AFA before registering). Athletes under 16 may not compete.


Limitation on announcements

The AFA will be following the AIDA guidelines for the limitation of announcements (see rule 4.6.1 of the AIDA competition rules). At the athlete briefing on the 21st of October, athletes will be required to certify their maximum depth in competition or training for each discipline in the prior three months. Athletes will be limited to announcements that are within 10m of these depths. In the instance that an athlete has not done a performance in a discipline in the preceding three months, the announcement will be limited to 50% of the athlete’s maximum performance in the AIDA ranking database.


Required documents

At the athlete briefing on the 21st of October, athletes will be required to present the following paperwork:

  • A signed “medical certificate of non contraindication to freediving” written in English (see rule 3.1.8). The certificate must be signed and dated by a medical doctor. It may not be older than one year, and an athlete may not sign their own certificate. Furthermore, the contact details of the doctor must be present on the form. The standard AIDA medical form may be downloaded here. The old AIDA medical form may be downloaded here.
  • Passport (or national identity card) of the nationality the athlete is competing as.
  • Each athlete will be required to certify their maximum depth in each discipline that they have done in training or competition in the preceding three months (see above section on limitation of announcements).

Athletes must bring their lanyards to the pre-competition briefing on the 21st of October for inspection and testing by the judges. Athletes must use an AIDA compliant lanyard in all competition dives (including warm up dives) and pre-competition training.

Athletes must obtain their own medical and evacuation insurance.


Official competition hotel

The Puri Madha is the official competition hotel. It is a waterfront hotel, and will be the daily check-in location, where boats to the competition platform and warm up lines will depart. It is also right next to one of Bali’s most popular dive sites, the USAT Liberty Shipwreck. To book accommodation at Puri Madha, please contact Apnea Bali.

Transport from Denpasar airport to Puri Madha can also be arranged through Apnea Bali. Please contact them directly.


Pre-competition training

Apnea Bali will be offering opportunities for pre-competition training and coaching to all athletes. All arrangements for pre-competition training should be made directly with Apnea Bali.


Athlete in-list

Number Name Sex Nationality Club
1 Timon Rüth Male Germany Melbourne Freedivers
2 Rauno Lehtsalu Male Estonia Unaffiliated
3 Jack Hatfield Male Australia Sydney Freedivers
4 Michael Hansen Male Australia Unaffiliated
5 Daniel Hurst Male Australia Melbourne Freedivers
6 Michael Cheesman Male Australia Unaffiliated
7 Kate Godfrey Female Australia Unaffiliated
8 Dave Mullins Male Australia Unaffiliated
9 Thibault Guignes Male France NA
10 Marc Anop Male USA NA
11 Donovan De Wet Male Australia Melbourne Freedivers


To be announced



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