Competitions are listed on the AIDA International Competition Calendar; we provide a list of upcoming club and AFA events below:

Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals 2020: Taupo, New Zealand, 13-15 March 2020

Brisbane Freedivers Mini Team Comp: Brisbane, Australia, 4-5 April 2020

Australian Pool Nationals 2020: hosted by the Brisbane Bullsharks, Brisbane, Australia, 2-4 May 2020

Wellington Winter Championships, Wellington, New Zealand, 6-7 June 2020

*^Pool World Championships: Burgas, Bulgaria – 20-30th June. 
Formal EOIs for Australian Team selection have closed; additional spots may be available on a case-by-case basis pending quotas. Please contact the AFA for further information.

* World Record Status competition
^For World Championships entry EOI, please contact the AFA.