In conjunction with the Pan Pacific Championships there will be a Judge Course, and a Judge Refresher Course run by AIDA Judge Instructor, and Pan Pacific Championship Head Judge, Jean-Pol Francois.

The judge course is for new judge candidates and is open to anyone. The judge refresher course is for judges whose judge status has expired.

The courses will run on the following days:
Sun 22 November – Judge course day 1 (half day – afternoon)
Mon 23 November – Judge course day 2 (full day)
Tue 24 November – Judge course day 3 (full day)
Wed 25 November – Judge refresher course (full day)

All candidates will be expected to bring:

  • Two water resistant stop watches,
  • Writing materials, and
  • must have completed a CPR and First Aid course not less than two years prior to the course.

All judge candidates, as part of their judge training, are expected to participate in the Pan Pacific Championship as either a Judge in Learning, an athlete, safety diver, or other type of volunteer.

The cost of the judge course is being generously subsidised by AIDA International. This subsidy means that the AFA can run the judge course at the very heavily discounted price of AU$100 per candidate. In addition, there is a €25 certification fee (normally €50) that each candidate must pay directly to AIDA (we will sort this out during the course).

The judge refresher course is aimed at existing judges. A focus of this course will be the new rules. Judges whose status has lapsed will be able to be reactivated upon completion of the refresher course.  There is no charge for the judge refresher course.

All Australian citizens and Australian residents who participate in the judge course must be members of the AFA. See our membership page for details on how to join. If you are not an Australian citizen or an Australian resident, there is an additional $20 fee for temporary membership (collected at the same time as the course fee).

Follow this link to register for the judge course!

For the refresher course, please register your interest in the facebook event.

Note that judge candidates are eligible to apply to be a judge-in-learning at the Pan Pacific Championships.