Membership with the Australian Freediving Association is a great way to get involved with the freediving community. The AFA has an expanding network of affiliated clubs around Australia that provide a safe and fun training environment! AFA members are automatically covered by our third party liability cover for approved freediving activities (see the downloads page for our insurance certificate).

Being a member also means that you can compete in any AIDA competition worldwide and are eligible (subject to citizenship) for both national records and Australian Team selection for the World Championships. All world championships selection criteria are available on our downloads page.

In addition, AFA members can participate in and give feedback about National processes and Australia’s position on AIDA International votes. Members can log in and use our Membership Portal to stay up to date with the latest correspondence from AIDA International, give a National-level vote for issues under consideration by the AIDA Assembly, or a vote on local items such as Nationals dates or bids.

AIDA International Profiles

The AFA manages AIDA International profiles for athletes competing under an Australian passport. You need to be an AFA member before we can activate your AIDA International membership. When an individual initially signs up to AIDA (which can be done via this link), it will say that the status of the profile is “pending”. After you have joined the AFA we can approve your profile on AIDA International. Please note we do not receive any notifications for the setup of new profiles. Each year, AIDA International membership resets in January (status “revoked”) and the AFA manually cross references hundreds of profiles. If you need your profile approved we recommend contacting us not less than one week before an event. We recommend competition organisers email us not less than one week before with their athlete inlist. For athletes competing under different nationalities, please contact the AIDA national for the country of your passport.