The Australian Freediving Association and the Goldy Freediving Club will host the AFA CMAS National Pool Championships on the Gold Coast from Fri, 17 Feb to Mon, 20 Feb, 2023 at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, Southport. This competition is conducted under CMAS rules and is open to all AFA members regardless of their nationality.

It is not a world record status competition.

We will email athletes with details of the points system in the coming weeks.

Date: Friday, 17 February to Monday, 20 February (4 days)

Day 1 – Dynamic Bifins (50m x 2m pool, water temp: 27C)

Day 2 – Dynamic No Fins (25m x 2m pool, water temp: 27C) & Speed 100m (50m x 2m pool, water temp: 27C)

Day 3 – Static Apnea (25m x 1.2m pool, water temp: 29-31C)

Day 4 – Dynamic & 8 x 50m (50m x 2m pool, water temp: 27C)

Please note the Finswimming Nationals are being held alongside this competition. We are trying as much as possible to have no crossover between events but this may not be possible depending on athlete numbers. Finswimming will be held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Registration for this event is separate please contact the AFA for further info if you wish to enter this competition.

Venue: Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

Eligibility: All current financial members of AFA who are 18 years of age or older. You must be a member of AFA to be able to compete in this competition. Please note that you must be a full financial member of the AFA if you are an Australian citizen (regardless of place of residence) or a current resident in Australia (regardless of nationality). If you are not an Australian citizen and do not live in Australia (e.g. visiting Australia for this competition), you can obtain a temporary Competition Membership on checkout.

Registration fee: There is an early-bird discount available – get in quick!

Competition Grade On or before Sunday, 26 January: A$285 Monday, 27 January – Sunday, 5 February: A$335 Monday, 6 February – Thursday, 16 February: A$385 Registration fee includes participation in the competition (4 days) and a competition merchandise item (TBD). Accommodation, transport, and food and drinks at the after party are not included in the registration fee.

We have now opened up comp registration for athletes wishing to do a single event ($110), two events ($210) & three events ($300). Just select which events you’d like to enter during registration and then pay the applicable fee once you click through to the payment link at the end. 

Please note depending on athlete numbers we may have limited availability for athletes to participate in the speed 100m and 8x50m events. You will be asked to nominate which events you are wanting to participate in when you register. Spots will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Registration for the speed 100m and 8x50m events close on 11th Feb so if you wish to enter these events you MUST register before this.

Cancellation policy: If the competition can’t go ahead due to COVID-19 or if an athlete can’t attend due to COVID-19 there will be a full refund of the entry fees.

If you decide to withdraw your registration, we will refund your registration fee according to the guidelines below. 50% – Cancellation on or before Sunday, 29 January 25% – Cancellation between Monday, 30 January and Sunday, 12 February No refund – Cancellation after Monday, 13 February (If you decide not to compete on the day of the competition, there will be no refund.)

Registration Registration is now open. Click here to register

Athlete in-list

1Jack HatfieldMAUSUnaffiliated
2Paola SeowFSGPUnaffiliated
3Florencia CalvoFARGUnaffiliated
4Emilia TjernstromFSWEUnaffiliated
5Jarrod BriffaMAUSMelbourne Freedivers Club
6Frederic MaireMAUSBrisbane Freedivers & Brisbane Bullsharks Freedivers
7Alan Feng LiMCHNUnaffiliated
8Chi Wing LeeMHKGUnaffiliated
9Lucja NowowiejskiFPOLUnaffiliated
10Emily ShawFAUSBrisbane Freedivers & Brisbane Bullsharks Freedivers
11Angus McLeayMAUSMelbourne Freedivers Club
12Donovan de WetMAUSMelbourne Freedivers Club
13Amber BourkeFAUSBrisbane Freedivers & Brisbane Bullsharks Freedivers
14Ron SommerlattMDEUMelbourne Freedivers Club
15Mathew GrechMAUSBrisbane Freedivers & Brisbane Bullsharks Freedivers
16Tzu-lun huangMTPEUnaffiliated
17Maurizio RossiMAUSBrisbane Freedivers Club
18Matt LoudenMAUSGoldy Freediving Club
19Gonzalo CortesMPERGoldy Freediving Club
20Jordan DuncanFAUSBrisbane Freedivers & Brisbane Bullsharks Freedivers
21Patricia Paige OngFSGPUnaffiliated
22Matthew TurnbullMGBRUnaffiliated
23Ant JudgeMAUSUnaffiliated
24Szabolcs NemethMHUNBrisbane Freedivers Club
25Amanda BaldingFAUSUnaffiliated
26Bill CotisMAUSUnaffiliated
27Leigh WoolleyMAUSBrisbane Freedivers & Brisbane Bullsharks Freedivers
28William ScottMAUSBrisbane Freedivers & Brisbane Bullsharks Freedivers
29Katy GillFGBRUnaffiliated
30Ashleigh MercerFAUSMelbourne Freedivers Club
31Jenna BlackFAUSSunshine Coast Freediviers Club


Medical form:  All athletes must present a medical certificate stating “no contraindication to freediving” at the on-site registration on Day 1. The medical certificate must be signed and stamped by a medical doctor and must not be more than one year old.


Latest Time Schedule:

Day 1 (Fri, 17 Feb)
9:00am Registration open
9:30am Athletes briefing
12:00pm First OT – DYN/DYNBF
2:30pm Last OT – DYN/DYNBF
Day 2 (Sat, 18 Feb)
10:00am First OT – DNF
12:30pm Last OT – DNF
1:00pm First OT – Speed 2x50m
1:30pm Last OT – Speed 2x50m
2:30pm – 4pm – CETMA Testing
Day 3 (Sun, 19 Feb)
8:30am First OT – STA
12:00pm Last OT – STA
1:00pm – 2:30pm – CETMA Testing
Day 4 (Mon, 20 Feb)
9:00am First OT – DYN/DYNBF
11:30am Last OT – DYN/DYNBF
12:00pm First OT – 8x50m
1:30pm Last OT – 8x50m
2:30pm Prize Ceremony – Adreno Mega Store
5pm After party – Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern




National Champions will receive a Taras monofin or set of bifins.

Athlete offer on Taras Monofin & Bifin plus come and try CETMA fins sessions