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Training Information

The pool has a no breath-hold policy outside of official freediving training and competition sessions. Do not attempt to train freediving outside of official training sessions. During official training sessions, only use the pool and lanes allocated to the training session. If you want to swim outside of official training sessions you need to pay pool entry at the front counter, which is $5.

Official training sessions

Official training sessions (included in the competition fees, unless specified) are listed in the below schedule. If you would like to request additional sessions, please contact the organisers.

To ensure official training sessions do not get too crowded on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the number of people in training sessions will be restricted. You can only sign up for training on the day of the training session. A sign up sheet will be on the registration/check-in desk.

There is no sign up required for training sessions on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

Pool and competition details

The competition will be held at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre, an Olympic standard pool built and maintained in accordance with FINA standards. The competition pool is 50m long and 2.0m deep with 10 lanes (two edge and eight interior lanes). The pool has a movable bulkhead that converts it into a 25m long, 25m wide. The temperature of the water is kept between 26.6°C and 27.0°C at all times. For Static competition and training, there will be platforms provided for athletes and safeties to stand on. For dynamic with fins, the pool will be in its normal 50m configuration. For dynamic without fins it will be converted into a 25m configuration via a movable bulkhead.

Below are the pool configurations for static, short course, and long course.

The bulk head, which will divide the pool in two for DNF, and which sits at the left end of the pool (as shown in the diagrams) for DYN does not go all the way to the bottom of the pool. Make sure you pay attention to the markings on the bottom of the pool so that you know that a turn is coming up so you do not swim under the bulkhead!

Athlete check-in will be pool-side. Athletes may use the Relay Room as an area to store equipment and to stretch. Please be mindful that there are a lot of athletes with a lot of equipment, so, please don’t spread out too much. The Aquatic lounge is for the use of competition officials and volunteers.


Spectators are welcome to the competition and may sit in the grand stand. Spectators are not permitted pool-side. Entry for spectators is free, however, if they wish to swim with the general public they must pay general pool entry ($5).

Competition photographer

David Peart is the official competition photographer. David will be taking photos at the competition. Athletes will be able to purchase images from him, including small and large format prints and canvases. More details will be available closer to the competition.

Second chance competition

The second chance competition, which will be run each afternoon, is open to all competitors and volunteers of Pan Pacs. Entries in both AIDA ranking and recreation grade are accepted. Note that a volunteer who wishes to compete in the AIDA ranking competition MUST provide all of the documentation to the organisers as per the AIDA rules (i.e. must have a valid medical certificate, and must present their passport).

Please note that an athlete who has had a blackout in the morning session will not be permitted to compete in the afternoon second chance competition.

Entry into the second chance competition closes at approximately the same time that Pan Pacs finishes each day (see timetable below). Entry and nominations will be done via a sign-up sheet at the check-in desk. Note there is a maximum of 20 competitors able to enter the second chance competition each day. Entry will be run on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The pool configurations for the second chance competition (which will, at times, be held concurrently with official training sessions). The static configuration will be used on Thursday the 26th, while the long course configuration will be used for both DNF and DYN on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th.

Preliminary Schedule

Sunday 22 November

Time Event
1030-1130 Official pre-competition training (Lanes 7,8,9)
1130-1230 Static Apnea workshop with Kathryn Nevatt (Lane 9)
1300-1800 Judge course (Aquatic Lounge)

Monday 23 November

Time Event
0900-1800 Judge course (Aquatic Lounge)
1000-1100 Official pre-competition training (Lanes 7,8,9)
1100-1200 Static Apnea workshop with Kathryn Nevatt (Lane 9)

Tuesday 24 November

Time Event
0900-1800 Judge course (Aquatic Lounge)
1000-1100 Official pre-competition training (Lanes 6,7,8,9)
1100-1300 Dynamic no-fins workshop with Kathryn Nevatt (Lanes 7,8,9)
1900-2000 Official pre-competition training (Lanes 6,7,8,9)

Wednesday 25 November

Time Event
0900-1530 Judge refresher course (Aquatic Lounge)
1000-1200 Bi-fins workshop with Ant Judge
1200-1500 Athlete registration
1230-1530 Official training – STA (Lane 9) & long course (Lanes 6,7,8)
1430-1530 Freediving equipment workshop by Alexey Molchanov (Sprint room)
1500 Announcements for STA close
1545-1630 Athlete Briefing (Relay Room)
1630-1730 Opening Ceremony

Thursday 26 November

Time Event
0900-1245 Pan Pacific Championship – STA
1245 Pan Pacs Arvo comp sign up closes
1300-1315 Protests
1345-1545 Official training – DNF (short course; Lane 7 South & Lanes 7,8,9 North)
1430-1630 Pan Pacs Arvo comp – STA (Lane 9 South)
1645-1700 Arvo comp protests
1600 Announcements for DNF close
1700-1800 Event committee (Aquatic Lounge)
Immediately following the event committee: Pan Pacs, where to from here? (Aquatic Lounge)

Friday 27 November

Time Event
0900-1230 Pan Pacific Championship – DNF (short course)
1245-1300 Protests
1315 Pan Pacs Arvo comp sign up closes
1315-1515 Official training – DYN (long course; Lanes 3,4,5,6)
1415-1700 Pan Pacs Arvo comp – DNF (long course)
1600 Announcements for DYN close
1715-1730 Arvo comp protests
1730-1830 Event committee (Aquatic Lounge)

Saturday 28 November

Time Event
0900-1230 Pan Pacific Championship – DYN (long course)
1245-1300 Protests
1230 Pan Pacs Arvo comp sign up closes
1330-1615 Pan Pacs Arvo comp – DYN (long course)
1630-1645 Protests
1700-1800 Closing Ceremony
1830-late After party at the Carindale Hotel

Sunday 29 November

Time Event
1200-1600 Pool workshop with Alexey Molchanov

Monday 30 November

Time Event
0830-1230 Pool workshop with Alexey Molchanov