Pool Nationals 2016

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From the 6th– 8th of May Sydney freedivers hosted the 2016 Australian Pool National Championships. The competition was held at the Knox Aquatic Centre. Static apnea was held on the 6th of May, dynamic apnea without fins was held on the 7th of May, and dynamic apnea was held on the 8th of May. The athletes were:


Number Name Nationality Club Sex
1 Lauren Cameo AUS South Australia F
2 Craig de Vos AUS South Australia M
3 Michael Bates AUS Brisbane M
4 Frederic Maire AUS Brisbane M
5 Anh Tu AUS South Australia F
6 Nicole Keating AUS Brisbane F
7 Jack Hatfield AUS Sydney M
8 Amber Bourke AUS Brisbane F
9 Daron Joseph AUS Sydney M
10 Leigh Woolley AUS Brisbane M
11 Alan Maddick AUS Melbourne M
12 Andrew Kelly AUS Unaffiliated M
13 Mark Williams AUS Unaffiliated M
14 Emily Shaw AUS Brisbane F
15 Walter Steyn AUS Melbourne M
16 Damian Hector AUS Melbourne M
17  Luis Ramirez  VEN  Brisbane  M
18  Jodie Murphy  AUS Brisbane  F
19  Aya Mizumua  JPN  Brisbane  F
20  Brandon Keating  NZL  Brisbane  M
21  Glenn Tolan  AUS  Sydney  M
22  Lucja Nowowiejski  POL  Sydney  F
23  Lewis Jones  NZL  Brisbane  M
24  Maksymilian Wasilewko  POL  Brisbane  M
25  Jacquelyn Dent  USA  Perth  F
26  Andrew Brinton  AUS  Unaffiliated  M
27  Adam Sellars  AUS  Unaffiliated  M
28  Carl Rust  NZL  Sydney  M
29  Matthew Kovacs  AUS  Melbourne  M
30  Steven Whyte  AUS  Brisbane  M


Australian Champions

The 2016 Pool National Champions were Nicole Keating and Walter Steyn.


Discipline Results

The top three all-comers in each discipline were:
Static Apnea

Place Men Women
 1st  Walter Steyn (AUS)  Anh Tu (AUS)
 2nd  Luis Ramirez (VEN)  Amber Bourke (AUS)
 3rd  Michael Bates (AUS)  Jacqueline Dent (USA)

Dynamic Apnea Without Fins

Place Men Women
 1st  Walter Steyn (AUS)  Amber Bourke (AUS)
 2nd Leigh Woolley (AUS)  Jacqueline Dent (USA)
 3rd  Lewis Jones (NZL)  Lucja Nowowiejski (AUS)

Dynamic Apnea With Fins

Place Men Women
 1st  Leigh Woolley (AUS)  Nicole Keating (AUS)
 2nd  Lewis Jones (NZL)  Lucja Nowowiejski (AUS)
 3rd Mark Williams (AUS)  Anh Tu (AUS)

Full Overall Results


Static Apnea Results



Dynamic Apnea Without Fins Results



Dynamic Apnea Results