The Australian Freediving Association and the Brisbane Freedivers hosted the Pool National Championships in Brisbane from Sat, 29 April to Mon, 1 May, 2017 at the Sleeman Sports Complex.

Date: Saturday, 29 April to Monday, 1 May (3 days)
Day 1 – Static Apnea (in a 50m x 2m pool with platforms provided, water temp: 27C)
Day 2 – Dynamic No Fin (in a 25m x 2m pool,water temp: 27C)
Day 3 – Dynamic With Fin (in a 50m x 2m pool,water temp: 27C)

Venue: Sleeman Sports Complex – Brisbane Aquatic Centre
Brisbane Aquatic Centre has a FINA standard 50m indoor pool and is the main training venue for the Brisbane Freedivers.  Depth of the pool is 2m and the water temperature is 27C.



Number Name Sex Nationality Club
1 Craig de Vos M AUS South Australia
2 Steve Whyte M AUS Brisbane
3 John Wright M NZL N/A
4 Lauren Cameo F AUS South Australia
5 Natasha Darke F AUS South Australia
6 Brenda Lilley F AUS Brisbane
7 Alan Maddick M AUS Unaffiliated
8 Damian Hector M AUS Melbourne
9 Alexey Vlaskin M AUS Sydney
10 Fred Maire M AUS Brisbane
11 Manuel Dos Santos M GER Unaffiliated
12 Lisa Maddick F AUS Unaffiliated
13 Lisa Borg F AUS South Australia
14 Michelle Ooi F SIN N/A
15 Roberto Spina M AUS Sydney
16 Andrew Kelly M AUS Unaffiliated
17 Amber Bourke F AUS Brisbane
18 Nicole Keating F AUS Brisbane
19 Luis Ramirez M VEN Brisbane
20 Leigh Woolley M AUS Brisbane
21 Pierre Crubille M FRA N/A
22 Jae Hee Lee F KOR Sydney
23 Lucja Nowowiejski F POL Sydney
24 Julia Wheeler F AUS Perth
25 Adam Sellars M AUS Unaffiliated
26 Jodie Murphy F AUS Brisbane
27 Jesus Montilla Tuarezca M VEN Unaffiliated
28 Jack Hatfield M AUS Sydney
29 Elton Thie M IRL Sydney
30 Benoit Dupe M FRA N/A
31 Jesang Kim M KOR Brisbane
32 Anh Tu F AUS South Australia
33 Davin Smith M AUS Unaffiliated
34 Daron Joseph M AUS Sydney
35 Alastair Cooke M AUS Unaffiliated
36 Tim Magoffin M AUS Brisbane
37 Simon Chisholm M AUS Sydney
38 David Murray M AUS Unaffiliated
39 Emily Shaw F AUS Brisbane
40 Michael Bates M AUS Brisbane
41 Mark Williams M AUS Unaffiliated
42 Maria Kleshnina F RUS South Australia
43 Zongshuo Wei M CHN Sydney
44 Ant Williams M NZL N/A
45 Ant Judge M AUS Sydney



Australian Champions

The 2017 Pool National Champions were Amber Bourke and Ant Judge.


Discipline Results

The top three all-comers in each discipline were:


Static Apnea

Place Men Women
 1st Davin Smith (AUS)  Anh Tu (AUS)
 2nd Pierre Crubillé (FRA)  Amber Bourke (AUS)
 3rd Zongshuo Wei (CHN)  Michelle Ooi (SIN)


Dynamic Apnea Without Fins

Place Men Women
 1st Pierre Crubillé (FRA)  Amber Bourke (AUS)
 2nd Leigh Woolley (AUS) Lucja Nowowiejski (AUS)
 3rd  Ant Judge (AUS)

Ant Williams (NZL)

Nicole Keating (AUS)


Dynamic Apnea With Fins

Place Men Women
 1st Pierre Crubillé (FRA) Amber Bourke (AUS)
 2nd Davin Smith (AUS) Nicole Keating (AUS)
 3rd Ant Judge (AUS) Lucja Nowowiejski (POL)

Full Overall Results


Static Apnea Results


Dynamic Apnea Without Fins Results

Dynamic Apnea Results