Pool Nationals 2018

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The Australian Freediving Association and the Sydney Freedivers will host the Pool National Championships in Sydney from Fri, 11 May to Sun, 13 May, 2018 at the Knox Grammar School Aquatic Centre. This competition is conducted under the AIDA International rules and open to all AFA members regardless of their nationality. It is not a world record status competition.

Date: Friday, 11 May to Sunday, 13 May (3 days)
Day 1 – Static Apnea (in a 50m x 2m pool with platforms provided, water temp: 27C)
Day 2 – Dynamic No Fins (in a 25m x 2m pool, water temp: 27C)
Day 3 – Dynamic With Fins (in a 50m x 2m pool, water temp: 27C)

Venue: Knox Grammar School Aquatic Centre
The Knox Grammar School Aquatic Centre has a FINA standard 50m indoor pool.  Depth of the pool is 2m and the water temperature is 27C.

Eligibility: All current financial members of AFA who are 18 years of age or older (or 16 years or older with written parental consent)

You must be a member of AFA to be able to compete in this competition. Please note that you must be a full financial member of AFA if you are an Australian citizen (regardless of place of residence) or a current resident in Australia (regardless of nationality). If you are not an Australian citizen and do not live in Australia (e.g. visiting Australia for this competition), please contact the organiser (info@australianfreediving.org) to obtain a temporary Competition Membership.


Registration fee: There is an early-bird discount available – get in quick!

On or before Sunday, 25 March: A$100
Monday, 26 March – Sunday, 15 April: A$120
Monday, 16 April – Sunday, 29 April: A$180

Registration fee includes participation in the competition (3 days), registration of results with the AIDA ranking database, and a competition merchandise item (TBD). Accommodation, transport, and food and drinks at the after party are not included in the registration fee.

Cancellation policy: If you decide to withdraw your registration, we will refund your registration fee according to the guidelines below.
50% – Cancellation on or before Sunday, 25 March
25% – Cancellation between Monday, 26 March and Tuesday, 8 May
No refund – Cancellation after Wednesday, 9 May (If you decide not to compete on the day of the competition, there will be no refund. )


The competition will be limited to 40 athletes.

Registration is now closed as we have reached 40 athletes.

Please contact us if you would like to be put on the athlete wait list.

Athlete in-list

Number Name Sex Nationality Club
1 Craig de Vos M AUS South Australian Freedivers
2 Natasha Darke F AUS South Australian Freedivers
3 Liam Gough M AUS Sydney Freedivers
4 Frederic Maire M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
5 Daron Joseph M AUS Sydney Freedivers
6 Graeme Teklenburg M NZL Unaffiliated
7 Scott Walker M NZL Melbourne Freedivers
8 Jarrod Briffa M AUS Melbourne Freedivers
9 Wanqi Liu F CHN Sydney Freedivers
10 Lisa Borg F AUS South Australian Freedivers
11 Jason Prior M AUS Sydney Freedivers
12 Alastair Cooke M AUS Unaffiliated
13 Kirsty Wilson F AUS Unaffiliated
14 Rauno Lehtsalu M EST Unaffiliated
15 Leigh Woolley M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
16 Leah Stephinson F AUS Sydney Freedivers
17 Donovan de Wet M AUS Melbourne Freedivers
18 Mark Schafer M AUS Unaffiliated
19 Gavin Phillips M AUS Goldy Freediving
20 Anh Tu F AUS South Australian Freedivers
21 Amber Bourke F AUS Brisbane Freedivers
22 Chris Ellem M AUS Goldy Freediving
23 Alexey Vlaskin M AUS Sydney Freedivers
24 Maria Kleshnina F RUS South Australian Freedivers
25 David Murray M AUS Sydney Freedivers
26 Damian Hector M AUS Melbourne Freedivers
27 Stuart Brogden M AUS Unaffiliated
28 David Mulheron M AUS Unaffiliated
29 Arthur Kudla M AUS Unaffiliated
30 Sandra Dohring F FRA Unaffiliated
31 Bo Liu M CHN Sydney Freedivers
32 Ben Grauer M AUS Sydney Freedivers
33 Dayna Fisher F AUS South Australian Freedivers
34 James Donovan M GBR Sydney Freedivers
35 John Wright M NZL Unaffiliated
36 Kathryn Nevatt F NZL Unaffiliated
37 Ant Judge M AUS Sydney Freedivers
38 Steve Whyte M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
39 Mitch Foord M AUS Sydney Freedivers
40 Walter Steyn M AUS Unaffiliated


AIDA Medical Form (new version) can be downloaded from AIDA International’s website.

Medical form: All athletes must present a medical certificate of “non contraindication to freediving” at the on-site registration on Day 1. Medical certificate must be signed by a medical doctor and must not be more than one year old. If you are using the AIDA Medical Form, it must be signed by a doctor and must have the doctor’s stamp.

Old version of the AIDA Medical form is also accepted and can be downloaded from here.


Time Schedule:


Day 1 (Fri, 11 May)


 Registration open


 Athletes briefing


 First OT – Static Apnea


 Last OT – Static Apnea


 Announcements for Day 2 close


Day 2 (Sat, 12 May)


 First OT – Dynamic No Fins


 Last OT – Dynamic No Fins


 Announcements for Day 3 close


Day 3 (Sun, 13 May)


 First OT – Dynamic With Fins


 Last OT – Dynamic With Fins


 After party and prize ceremony @venue TBC