The Australian Freediving Association and the Goldy Freediving Club hosted the AFA Pool National Championships on the Gold Coast from Fri, 29 March to Sun, 31 March, 2019 at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. This competition was conducted under the AIDA International rules.


Athlete in-list

Number Name Sex Nationality Club
1 Craig de Vos M AUS South Australian Freedivers
2 David Murray M AUS Unaffiliated
3 Benjamin Fleming M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
4 Scott Walker M NZL Melbourne Freedivers
5 Jason Prior M AUS Unaffiliated
6 Chris Ellem M AUS Goldy Freediving Club
7 David Mulheron M AUS Unaffiliated
8 Catherine Christie F AUS South Australian Freedivers
9 Tim Magoffin M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
10 Amber Bourke F AUS Brisbane Freedivers
11 Leigh Woolley M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
12 Frederic Maire M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
13 Jarrod Briffa M AUS Melbourne Freedivers
14 Donovan de Wet M AUS Melbourne Freedivers
15 Rauno Lehtsalu M EST Unaffiliated
16 Lucja Nowowiejski F POL Unaffiliated
17 Chris Rose M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
18 Ben Collins M AUS Unaffiliated
19 Anh Tu F AUS South Australian Freedivers
20 Alan Maddick M AUS Unaffiliated
21 Damian Hector M AUS Melbourne Freedivers
22 Mark Schafer M AUS Unaffiliated
23 Jack Hatfield M AUS Unaffiliated
24 Luis Ramirez M VEN Brisbane Freedivers
25 Lauren Cameo F AUS Unaffiliated
26 Emily Shaw F AUS Brisbane Freedivers
27 William Scott M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
28 Michael Bates M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
29 Benjamin Eckert M AUS Unaffiliated
30 Matthew Chew M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
31 Julien Fourment M FRA Unaffiliated
32 Michael Heitzmann M CHE Brisbane Freedivers
33 Steve Whyte M AUS Brisbane Freedivers
34 Daron Joseph M AUS Unaffiliated
35 Alastair Cooke M AUS Unaffiliated
36 Lewis Jones M NZL Goldy Freediving Club
37 Liam Gough M AUS Unaffiliated
38 John Wright M NZL Unaffiliated
39 Elisabeth Mattes F AUT Goldy Freediving Club
40 Walter Steyn M AUS Unaffiliated
41 Stephan Kohn M FRA Unaffiliated
42 Pierre Crubillé M FRA Unaffiliated
43 Lénaïc Potrel F FRA Unaffiliated
44 Sayaka Itagaki F JPN Unaffiliated
45 Daniel Hurst M AUS Melbourne Freedivers
46 Toby Rull M AUS Unaffiliated
47 Robert Berto M AUS Goldy Freediving Club
48 Benoit Dupe M FRA Unaffiliated
49 Nicole Keating F AUS Brisbane Freedivers
50 Michael Cheesman M AUS Unaffiliated
51 Maurizio Rossi M ITA Brisbane Freedivers
52 Ant Judge M AUS Unaffiliated
53 Sigourney Brogden F THA Unaffiliated
54 Stuart Brogden M AUS Unaffiliated


Australian Champions

The 2019 Pool National Champions were Amber Bourke and Jarrod Briffa.


Discipline Results

The top three all-comers in each discipline were:

Static Apnea

Place Men Women
 1st Pierre Crubillé (FRA) Amber Bourke (AUS)
 2nd  David Mulheron (AUS) Anh Tu (AUS)
 3rd  Stephan Kohn (FRA)  Sayaka Itagaki (JPN)

Dynamic Apnea Without Fins

Place Men Women
 1st Pierre Crubillé (FRA)  Amber Bourke (AUS)
 2nd Leigh Woolley (AUS) Lucja Nowowiejski (POL)
 3rd Jarrod Briffa (AUS) Sayaka Itagaki (JPN)

Dynamic Apnea With Fins

Place Men Women
 1st Pierre Crubillé (FRA)  Amber Bourke (AUS)
 2nd Leigh Woolley (AUS)  Sayaka Itagaki (JPN)
 3rd Jarrod Briffa (AUS) Lucja Nowowiejski (AUS)

Full Overall Results

Static Overall Results

DNF Overall Results

DYN Overall Results

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